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List of recurring Family Home Evenings held around the Region

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Fast Sunday Break the Fast Gatherings around the Las Vegas Valley

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List of recurring Dance Events held periodically around the Region

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List of Recurring Firesides held around the Region

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Info regarding Monthly Temple Sessions

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Info regarding Other Regularly Recurring Events

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Special Events

  • Super Saturday

President's Note

David Walker
2nd Counselor
Las Vegas Nevada
South Stake
Welcome to the New LDSSinglesLV website.  The new website has been designed to adjust to the various screen sizes of responsive devices like iPhones, iPads, Droids, Tablets, and Desktops.We hope you find useful information here that will help you interact with the Single Adults of the Las Vegas Region.
We are also including information and links to Single Adult activities outside of the Las Vegas Area that may be of interest to our Single Adults.  If there are upcoming activities you feel would benefit the Single Adults of Las Vegas, please let us know so we can post that information here for everyone's benefit.
We have selected the theme for the 2015 Las Vegas LDS Single Adult Conference!  The theme is:  Be of Good Cheer..  with D&C 78:18 as the supporting scripture.  Congratulations to Lisa Farmer and Sheila Browning who both submitted the winning theme suggestion.
Please add your input to the activities and work of the SIngle Adults by attending the Multi-Stake Single Adult Committee Meeting on June 29, 2014, at 6:00 p.m. at the Las Vegas South Stake Center at 7885 W. Robindale (Robindale and Buffalo).  Make sure your voice is heard. 
Please make sure no one sits alone in a Church meeting.
Please invite a friend to come with you to any event you attend. It is always more fun that way.  Thank you to all that make the Single Adult program function to help bring souls to Christ through activity in His Gospel!
President Walker

Prophetic Notes for LDS Single Adults

The following links provide a couple of prophetic messages for Latter-Day Saint Single Adults:
President Gordon B. Hinckley - "To Single Adults"
President Howard W. Hunter - "The Church is for All People"

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